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LANSolutions is a single source provider of integrated information systems for businesses. We are management consultants for IT system design and help formulate long-term tactical communication planning. Our core strengths include:

Business Information Technology Consulting

We provide expert knowledge on the development and design of business computer networks. Our ultimate goal is to increase productivity and efficiencies through integrated information systems. We can upgrade existing business systems and introduce new technologies into the corporate computer network. Often, companies look to us to suggest cost-effective alternatives to the existing network. Our first step is to develop an understanding of the business model and company goals. Then we conduct a needs analysis, formulate a design process, and present an action plan for implementing a network solution. Once the scope of work is approved, we implement the plan and work with the client through every step. Of course, all of this is done with minimal disruption to the day-to-day business operations.

Security and Firewalls

The more people that have access to your company via the Internet, the more difficult it becomes to monitor that traffic. Companies with intranets and extranets are providing a route to the corporate LAN from the Internet. We can implement a variety of security measures that can reduce the possibility of unauthorized access. One of the most direct methods of ensuring security is through the implementation of a firewall. A firewall monitors the connections beyond the LAN and ensures that the traffic is authorized and of a known origin.

Remote Communications

With mobile technology, employees no longer have to remain chained to a desk to be productive. Remote communications allow authorized users to access resources located on the corporate LAN. End users are able to work outside the office and securely tap into your company network. This same remote connectivity can be programmed between the corporate LAN, portable computers, or handheld devices. To ensure efficient transfer of information, we configure specific hardware and software solutions to anticipate a variety of remote access scenarios. A mobile workforce can effectively and securely manage information through remote access.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network constructed using the Internet to connect client workstations to the corporate network or remote offices. This creates a secure tunnel within the public infrastructure. Data is transmitted in an encrypted format and decoded at the receiving end. This method of connectivity greatly reduces overall costs by taking advantage of the Internet.

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Networks can span multiple cities for the purpose of sharing resources. The connection between sites can use Internet, telephone, or satellite technology. LANSolutions can help determine the best connection method for the business needs and work with communication providers to arrive at the most cost-effective design. Using VPN technology, the Internet can be used to connect individuals and offices at a much lower cost than conventional private lines. LANSolutions recommends constant WAN monitoring to project traffic levels, predict growth patterns, and anticipate problems.

Thin Client & Virtual Desktop Applications

By implementing a thin client or virtual desktop solution, a standard set of applications or an entire desktop can be implemented and managed from a single location. In addition, new technologies can be downloaded independently from workstation hardware. Thin client implementations allow you to centrally roll technologies without having to put in all new computers or "touch" every desktop. This translates to centralized management of your computing system. This means your clients can cut desktop support costs significantly. The focus is on providing adequate resources within the server environment. This is particularly attractive to organizations trying to integrate complex application resources like document management, Groupware, or HR software.

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