Cloud Services

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Customized software platforms that enable you to work from any location

With the cloud, most of your operations can be performed online, which means you no longer need to purchase and maintain IT infrastructure. It also provides feature-rich apps that allow your team to collaborate with colleagues and clients when they’re out of the office, using any internet-connected device.

LANSolutions’s Cloud Services include an array of valuable features, such as on-demand computing resources, remote upgrades and maintenance, and a team of dedicated cloud specialists whose main goals are to improve your current processes and help you promote your company vision.

“Access more resources online and reduce dependence on physical assets.”

Join Microsoft’s Champions program and master Office 365 today!

Are you looking to streamline your day-to-day tasks and help yourself and others achieve more with Office 365? LANSolutions has you covered with Microsoft’s Office 365 Champions program which lets you:

  • Connect with like-minded Office 365 peers and experts
  • Discover more efficient ways to tackle your everyday tasks
  • Get the most out of Office 365 with unique content and training
  • Gain access to the latest Office 365 news and tips
  • Partner with Microsoft at premier events and meetups

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure your business can withstand and recover from any emergency

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IT Support

Never worry about downtime again with our 24/7 help desk assistance

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Protection of your network and data at all times

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