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Cloud Computing - HawaiiCloud Computing: More access instead of more assets

In addition to our traditional Managed Solutions Offering, LANSolutions also offers a unique Managed Network solution that is based completely “in the cloud.” This solution is ideal for those clients that need an end to end solution from conception to implementation, continuing on through to the management of the network.

This service will allow clients to leverage a secure, outsourced, state-of-the-art data center with remote access for continuous network operations.

The solution that’s right for your company

LANSolutions offers several models of cloud computing. Whether you’re looking for Software as a Service, a completely hosted environment, or something in between, we can help to define the solution that best fits your needs.

The LANSolutions team will guide you and show you how virtualization and software deployment in the cloud can benefit your business. We can help you develop a scalable model for your application with a minimum of effort. The result – a convenient on-demand network access and easy access to a shared pool of applications, services and storage.

Why it makes sense to go in the cloud

  • Never notice a service crash again. With Cloud Computing a server crash can go virtually unnoticed by your end-users. We replicate the server, the applications, and the data securely in "the cloud", and have it ready to go at a moment's notice. When a crash happens, business users are simply re-directed to their dedicated replicated servers- and they're up and working again in a short period of time. And the best part is data loss is typically near zero.
  • Eliminate steep investment. Cloud computing with LANSolutions eliminates the steep capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs of a typical network. From physical security, server management, network security and monitoring, we’ve got it covered.

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