Features of our Security service

With the growing number of threats targeting small- to medium-sized businesses, investing in robust security software is now a necessity. However, not all SMBs have the time or expertise to effectively manage their IT security infrastructure — and that’s where LANSolutions comes in.

Our security specialists will set up powerful cybersecurity programs and monitor your infrastructure around the clock to prevent breaches. We can also conduct routine security checks, such as penetration testing and simulated phishing attacks-to detect gaps that hackers could exploit.

Features of our Security service include:

  • Properly Configured Firewall – Using your existing firewall or a recommended upgrade, your firewall will be properly configured to optimize your protection.
  • Network Security Configuration – Apply security best-practices to wired and wireless networking equipment and Windows domain.
  • Powerful anti-malware programs – Install, configure, and manage endpoint security software on servers, workstations, and laptops.
  • Secure Email Configuration – Configure your email system to include modern security techniques for inbound and outbound security.
  • Secure Remote Access – Ensure that remote access is configured to use security best-practices.
  • Managed Patches and Updates – Keep all hardware and software up-to-date with latest security patches.

Advanced Security Suite Option (or individual products)

  • Multi-factor authentication – tools that provide extra security and ensure authorized users enter the network.
  • End-user knowledge – user awareness education and testing to ensure our client’s end-users have a clear understanding of what to beware of and precautions to take.
  • Written Security Policies – Customized security policies to define and document your preferences and expectations with regards to security.
  • DNS Filtering – Additional level of protection from Web and email malware and intrusions based on independent filtering product.

Additional Security Services and Products

LANSolutions can assist with selection and configuration of other advanced security products and techniques for: Network Design, Password Management, SEIM (Security Information and Event Management), Security Auditing, NextGen AV, and others.