Network Monitoring

IT Assessments San DiegoLANCentral. What’s your network up to?

So, what’s happening on your network right now? What’s the status of the bandwidth between your home office and field office? Didn’t you know that your backup server is about to fall?

Everything you need to know. Right now.

LANCentral gives you a complete perspective on your network with email, text and other alerts. You can’t afford not to know.

LANCentral is a leading service designed to monitor your critical information systems. This can be done in conjunction with your IT staff or independently. You will know at a glance whether important system functions such as tape backup or virus signature updates are occurring. Providing availability, performance reporting, and service management to multiple systems from one central Web console, LANCentral is the ultimate network monitoring solution for your business.

LANCentral offers 24/7 remote monitoring with availability of onsite support through proactive status, notification, escalation, and performance reporting for capacity planning and predictive analysis.

  • Overview – An alert icon indicates that a problem occurred or that a warning threshold has been met.
  • Auto-discovery – Easily auto-detect all network devices and standard network services within your infrastructures.
  • Bandwidth monitoring – Using SNMP, collect bandwidth statistics on routers/ switches and create custom services on request.
  • Log File Analysis – Automated interpretation of log files.
  • Notifications – Flexible and easy to use, this rules-based notification system features configurable thresholds and escalations plus message delivery via pager or email.
  • System and Operating System (OS) level metrics – Monitor all critical system and OS level metrics, such as CPU, hard disk drive, and SWAP usage levels. Monitor active processes and/or Windows services. Configure notifications for specific events logged by the Windows Event Viewer.

LANCentral 3.0 Key Features

  • TCP-IP services monitored
    Monitor all critical TCP/IP protocols (i.e. SMTP, HTTP, etc) and custom ports.
  • IT Professionals Monitoring your Systems
    LANSolutions will receive alerts and respond accordingly by notification or resolving the problem.
  • Enhanced reporting
    Export user-defined reports to PDF and CSV formats and download or email them directly from the system.
  • Optional probe-based monitoring
    Leverage hardware-based monitoring for more complex infrastructure or software-based monitoring on smaller infrastructures.
  • Monitor Critical Subsystems
    LANCentral notifies you or LANSolutions if critical functions, backups, and virus updates are occurring as they should.
  • Security Event Manager
    This optional module collects, correlates, and reports critical information from multiple existing security appliances and applications on a centralized dashboard.


  • Service provider hosted server, with optional customer hosted probe appliance
  • Plug and play deployment in most customer environments
  • Easy to use Web-based user interface
  • Integrated database for storage of configuration, event information, and data archive
  • Automated discovery of network devices and services
    • User-defined IP address range controls TCP and UDP-based discovery
    • Devices are identified using IP fingerprinting
    • Discovered devices are probed for supported network services including: Connectivity, HTTP, DNS, NNTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, traffic, VNC, SSH, Telnet, generic TCP (user-defined port)
  • Polling of network services using synthetic transactions
    User-defined custom pollers using generic TCP connect
  • User-defined state thresholds to correlate dashboard/report data against SLAs
  • Notification of critical events via email or pager
  • Profile-based notification allows for defined behavior based on function:
    • Multiple levels of time-based escalation per profile
    • Fully customizable to define which events trigger notifications to specific users
    • Notification acknowledgement to optimize technician utilization and track incident ownership
    • Configurable delay period to minimize false positive notifications
    • Notification log to record incident history, sortable by recipient
    • Multiple user-defined notification templates that can be customized to integrate with third party applications/help desk software
  • Automated collection of statistics using SNMP
    • Collects bandwidth statistics on routers/switches
    • Custom services on request
  • Integration with Windows Event Log
    • Define specific event IDs to track or exclude to minimize false positive events
  • Agent-based resource and capacity monitoring
    • Track CPU, DISK and SWAP/Memory utilization
    • Agents for Microsoft, Linux, Solaris, Novell
  • Application monitoring
    • Monitor any service or process
    • Monitor any batch or appended text log file
  • Asset Management
    • Automatically discover any device on the network
    • User-defined device properties
    • Service provider and customer level asset reports
    • Time-stamped device notes to track device history
    • Import/export asset list from CSV file
  • Reports designed for managerial and technical users
    • Executive summary reports
    • Availability and availability trend reports
    • Service metrics trend reports
    • Notification log reports
    • Activity log reports

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