Spam & Email Virus Filtering Service

Email is your lifeline

Email is the way your company communicates with each other and with clients. How many hours do your employees waste every week dealing with spam or worse yet – lost emails?

Disaster Recovery Orange County

We use a state-of-the-art service that blocks spam and viruses and protects your organization's entire email infrastructure, extending the security investments already made and ensuring maximum user productivity.

We keep your email running smoothly by:

  • Spam filtering
  • Virus filtering
  • White listing/black listing (user and domain based)
  • Store and forward (disaster recovery)
  • Detailed reporting
  • Administrative and user quarantines
  • Group level filtering
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Policy filtering

Why servers go down

  • Each day, corporate email servers refuse messages for a variety of reasons including:
  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Server overload
  • Server crashes
  • Maintenance windows
  • Connectivity problems

Disaster Recovery:

Our Store & Forward service operates as a backup, protecting our customers' networks from lost or bounced email. The Store & Forward feature is based upon our distributed network, providing customers with unparalleled uptime and system redundancy. Undelivered email is held on our network for up to ten days or longer if necessary.

Detailed Reporting:

LANScreen is able to provide a unique range of reporting services, allowing email administrators an unparalleled view into the use or abuse of their email servers. Our real-time reporting engine provides each customer with a wide variety of online reports in order to help manage email usage.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Every day, when your employees sit down at their workstations and log in:
  • How much time are they spending going through the unsolicited email in their inbox?
  • How many of these emails lead to employees wasting further time responding to or checking out uninvited promotions?
  • How many of these are improper or unethical promotions in a corporate environment?
  • How much of your server's processor capacity is wasted to process unwanted email?
  • How much of your corporate bandwidth is wasted on injurious content?

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