Remote Communications

Business VoIP San DiegoWork doesn’t always happen in the office.

With advances in technology, it’s no longer necessary to physically come into the office to be a productive employee.

By providing you with secure and easy to use remote communications technology, LANSolutions allows employees to stay connected, whether they're on the road or working from home.

Making it happen.

  • Portal – Your company can use Internet technology to communicate more efficiently with your employees, peers, suppliers, and customers. LANSolutions can build a portal that makes information such as policy manuals and employee schedules available throughout your company. We can take that portal one step further and make it accessible to vendors and clients as well. With a secure portal, you can post contracts and proposals for client review or allow clients to make direct service requests to your support staff. Imaging having real-time planning sessions on your internal Intranet, then sending the information to your customer by way of your corporate Extranet. LANSolutions can even act as a liaison to your Internet Service Provider and advise on security and infrastructure issues.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – You need remote access to the office network via the Internet, but how can you ensure security and fast access? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides the answer by allowing secure remote access across the public Internet. Use a seamless LANSolutions-implemented VPN to exchange information and conduct important business from any remote spot. With the bulletproof security of a LANSolutions VPN, you can be assured that no prying eyes or ears are privy to sensitive data.
  • Thin client/Remote Desktop applications – By implementing a thin client solution, a standard set of applications or an entire desktop can be implemented and managed from one location. In addition, new technologies can be downloaded independently from workstation hardware. Thin client implementations allow you to centrally roll out technologies to everyone without having to put in all new computers and "touch" every desktop. This translates to centralized management of your computing system. In some cases, this means our clients can cut their desktop support costs significantly. The focus is on providing adequate resources within the server environment. This is particularly attractive to organizations trying to integrate complex application resources like document management, Groupware, or HR software.

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