Spam Protection HawaiiDo you know who’s been inside your network?

To keep your business secure, your network must be secure. LANSolutions provides comprehensive, impenetrable safeguards for your business.

Let us take care of your network security so you can concentrate on your core business.

LANSolutions security includes:

  • Security audits – LANSolutions will come to your work place and analyze your business systems from both technical and procedural standpoints. You will be advised on password protection, secure user authentication and intrusion detection and your staff will be trained on proper security procedures.
  • Email monitoring – We’ll install an intelligent engine that scans incoming and outgoing email correspondence and offers customized protections for the file server and all workstations. You are protected from accidental or deliberate loss of trade secrets, sensitive documents, and client information.
  • Firewalls – LANSolutions uses a variety of secure firewalls to protect your network from viruses and malicious intruders. Your email is verified as virus free and attachments are prevented from being opened until they are scanned and virus checked. There's little chance that unwanted trespassers will gain entry into your databases and private files.
  • Authentication – LANSolutions creates secure connectivity for remote access. Whether you work on your laptop from your home office, from a hotel room on the road, or from your workstation desk, LANSolutions will design a secure authentication solution.
  • Virus protection – LANSolutions can develop and install the right solution to deter the threat of computer viruses. Whether it is email or files introduced from outside your network, a comprehensive virus protection strategy should be in place.
  • Spam protection – LANScreen, our anti-virus/anti-spam solution, acts as a shield for companies small and large who are being inundated with spam, viruses, and other malicious outside threats. The solution is scalable, fully redundant, and eliminates 99% of spam and 100% of email viruses.

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