Cybersecurity Services

Serving San Diego County

Robust program defenses and security protocols to keep hackers out

With the growing number of threats targeting small- to medium-sized businesses, investing in robust security software is now a necessity. However, not all SMBs have the time or expertise to effectively manage their IT security infrastructure — and that’s where LANSolutions comes in.

Our security specialists will set up powerful cybersecurity programs and monitor your infrastructure around the clock to prevent breaches. We will also conduct routine security checks, such as penetration testing and simulated phishing attacks, to detect gaps that hackers could exploit.

“We make sure your network and data are protected at all times.”

Features of our Security service include:

  • Advanced firewalls – that prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network
  • Powerful anti-malware programs – that neutralize viruses, Trojans, ransomware, and more
  • Content-filtering tools – that scan email attachments and removes malware
  • Multi-factor authentication – tools that provide extra security and ensure authorized users enter the network
  • End user knowledge – education to ensure our client’s end users have a clear understanding of what to beware of and precautions

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